10 Great Facts About Linux Red Hat

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10 Great Facts About Linux Red Hat

Linux Red Hat is a powerful open source operating system designed to support many hardware and architectural platforms. As a world-leading open source Linux distributor, Red Hat provides a multitude of services including training, consultation and Linux implementation. Red Hat's operating system comes in a variety of flavours suited to a wide range of computing tasks from desktop administration to complex scientific computation. Here are 10 great facts about this outstanding operating system.

1.) Red Hat empowers the desktop user

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for desktop is perfect for system administrators who want a secure and robust Linux foundation. End users can benefit from the many great open source applications available that help to increase productivity and save money.

2.) Red Hat is an industry leader when it comes to server-side software

Red Hat Linux servers are used across the world, and handle millions of dollars worth of purchases, trade and analysis on a day to day basis. Through Red Hat, users have access to a vast collection of applications suited to specific computing tasks.

3.) Linux Red Hat works on many hardware platforms

Red Hat works in close collaboration with hardware vendors to ensure their operating systems work with the latest architectural platforms at peak performance.

4.) Security is a priority with Linux Red Hat

When it comes to security, Red Hat is second to none. This operating system allows its users secure their computers from both internal and external threats with ease. With comprehensive security applications as standard and its layered defence scheme, Red Hat Linux prevents intruders from gaining access to sensitive systems.

5.) Red Hat is scalable

As companies using Red Hat Linux grow, their computer networks and servers can be seamlessly scaled to meet the increased workload. This gives companies the confidence that their operating system will remain stable and perform well despite increased service demand.

6.) Systems can be simplified with Red Hat

Linux Red Hat manages underlying system complexities, allowing its users to remain productive without worrying about the intricacies of their hardware.

7.) Red Hat Linux is a high performance operating system

Designed to reduce data bottlenecks, Red Hat Linux can help improve system and application performance. It also works with multi-core systems, allowing users to realise the full potential of their machines.

8.) Companies can save money using Red Hat

Red Hat gives companies the power to consolidate multiple virtual servers onto a single physical server. This can lead to a reduction in power consumption, and also reduce the need for expensive climate control equipment for server farms.

9.) Red Hat caters to high-end scientific computing

Red Hat offers a robust platform for scientific users. With software packages specially designed for intensive computation, it is perfect for complex number crunching and running simulations. Users can deploy Linux across various system clusters and nodes to spread out the workload.

10.) Red Hat provides excellent system support

Red Hat has many different levels of support to offer their customers. From on-site engineers to online forums and help desks, Red Hat is always on hand for when an issue arises.


Linux Red Hat is as dynamic as it is powerful. With so many applications and uses, Linux Red Hat has solutions for a huge range of business and enterprise problems. Users can benefit from outstanding performance, excellent support and reliability. Robust, reliable and affordable, it comes as no surprise that Linux Red Hat is a world-leading operating system.

By Bradley Houston


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