Explaining USB-C: Everything you need to know!

Technology is changing by the day, and even a while back, Micro USB seemed like a new thing. It’s time for USB-C, also called USB Type C, which promises to become the standard and improve how your devices receive both power and data. USB-C was first introduced in 2014, but it was only in 2015 when it became the rage. Most of the new age devices come with the USB-C port, including laptops and phones. USB-C is reversible, which means you can easily plug the cable in and out. Industry experts agree that other connectors are likely to get obsolete in no time.

Things to know

If you have seen USB Type C, it is very likely that you found it similar to that of micro USB connector, but it’s not the same on surface. Firstly, there is orientation, as mentioned above, which eases the whole process of plugging in. If you buy a USB Type C cable, you will find that the connector is absolutely identical on both ends, something that’s not true with other USB cables we have been using so far. USB-C is also expectedly faster than USB 3.1.

Using with different devices

A lot of manufacturers are using a bunch of connectors for their devices, Micro USB being common of all, and if you want to connect a device with USB Type C port with other devices or just get better charging speed, all you need is an adapter. You can easily find these adapters online, and these are extremely cheap, allowing you to connect many devices at the same time.

Buying adapters and cables

Online stores have an amazing collection of USB Type C cables and adapters, and you can get a return policy, which means that the product can be returned if it doesn’t work. The best part is many manufacturers have their own stores these days, so you can always get the lowest prices. There are also many products to choose from. Not all devices use USB Type C port as of now, but the new ones are using it, and it will become a norm soon. Buying an adapter and a charging cable is always recommended, depending on the gadgets you own.

Check online now and find more on USB Type C chargers, adapters and cables. It is certainly better than standard connectivity options, and you can expect to see more budget devices using USB Type C in coming days.