How Fake Instagram App Spreads Malware on Android Devices

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How Fake Instagram App Spreads Malware on Android Devices

Smartphones are the perfect embodiment of everything that technology has to offer. While they have influenced every single aspect of our lives, it should not come as a surprise that within a very short time span, smartphones and android devices have redefined the way we consume media. Since their inception, these state-of-the-art gadgets never failed to strike a chord with consumers and indeed it is their revolutionary nature that has earned them a reputation that will not wane anytime soon.

Android apps are one facility that has further heightened the rage, reaching a fever pitch. The plethora of applications that can be downloaded have made everything deemed imaginable, possible. From brilliant music apps to medical pedometers, Android devices have empowered consumers like never before. As they say, there are two sides to every picture, even Android devices pose certain threats to one’s security and data integrity through fake apps that are available for download.

Instagram is a photo-editing app for Android phones that soon stirred interest among users. The popularity of this app can be determined from the fact that it claimed 5 million downloads in the first six days of its release. However, if you are tempted to download it, be wary of where you get it from because news has it that a fake Instagram app is available for download that is infecting Android devices with malware, potentially damaging the data on the device.

This shows how eager the culprits are to take advantage of the app’s build-up by reaping gains off Android users who simply have no clue they are at risk. While Instagram was not done celebrating its glorious popularity, news of malicious versions of the app available for distribution started mounting. The author of this fake software has developed quite convincing fake disguises that are most likely to catch the eye of the unsuspecting shopper.

According to sources, the bad guys have done a pretty good job at copying the app’s outlook so it can easily be mistaken for the original one. Resources say that the fake versions are not available on the official Android store for apps, Google Play, but can be easily found on other less reliable resources.

Critics point out that despite the nature of the app being original or fake, it is obvious that if you are downloading an app from any other resource besides the official Google Play, you are putting yourself at risk. In such circumstances, if you are ready to take the chances, you should also expect all sorts of nasty stuff happening to your beloved device.

What further added to the popularity of the website is the fact that Facebook has purchased it for $1 billion. Whenever there is big money involved, the bad guys step in and the same happened with Instagram. The culprits decided to cash on this massive popularity.

While the outlook is quite similar to Instagram’s at first look, the fake app is not very good at mimicking the internal working of the app.  Sadly, this is something that cannot be judged unless and until one has downloaded the fake app. According to credible resources, what this fake app does is that it sends a series of messages from your Android phone without your knowledge. As a result, the makers of this vicious app make profits out of your expenses.

Malware hidden in Android apps is a serious problem raising questions against the credibility of apps that are available for download on the internet. Only a few weeks back, the fake Angry Birds Space game was the center of attention and now this fake Instagram app is making news.

Among the plethora of high speed internet websites that are available, one should only use the official ones for download. This fake version of instagram is found to contain an .APK file that has several photos of a man.  Many believe that the reason this photo is part of the fake app is to alter the fingerprint so that the malicious software goes undetected.

Users are strongly discouraged from using any high speed internet website other than the official ones for downloading any such apps. Also, users should take a look at permissions that an application is asking for before installing it.

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