How to Get Speed Humps in Your Neighborhood?

Speed humps are no doubt very effective in managing many road-related injuries and casualties, especially in the residential areas. Getting a speed hump for your neighborhood requires you take some important steps. You will need to know about organizing campaigns; how to relate your need to the local government; how to determine if street humps are right for your street and how to get your local government to act.

Some Information You Will Need

  • First, inquire about the application process for a speed hump in your city. Some cities require only a signed petition but there are still some that will put you through lengthy procedures. However, it is important to know that the local government is in charge of traffic claiming matters.
  • There are some cities that restrict traffic claiming devices so applying for one would only lead to a futile effort. Some have policies that will require you to pay for the installation of speed bumps. Some permit the installation after they get the stipulated pay from the neighborhood.
  • Local government officials usually take applications for speed humps seriously when it is coming through an existing organization like the neighborhood/homeowners association. Always represent a group of neighbors and don’t approach the city officials as a single individual.
  • You can share information with your neighbors through Google docs, emails or other means of communication. This will ensure that everybody is on the same page and is aware of the situation at every stage.
  • Don’t give up when your request is not attended to speedily because you are most likely not the only one the city officials are attending to. Be persistent on the need for a speed hump for safety reasons.

5 Easy Steps To Follow

Follow these simple steps to get speed humps in your neighborhood

#1: Communicate with your neighbors

Ensure your neighbors have the same concern and be sure they are also interested in traffic calming devices.

#2: Research your city’s procedure

Get your city’s specific procedure to determine your course of action. Identify the appropriate department and local process for obtaining a traffic study. You can check online for this.

#3: Hold a meeting and determine a plan of action

Share what your findings are with your neighbors and come with all necessary printouts.

#4: Contact local officials

A liaison officer from the community should contact the appropriate city official. Describe the neighborhood and tell them why you really need a speed hump in your neighborhood.

#5: Follow up

The city official may be attending to lots of people at the same time so ensure you call to follow up the city contact. Be persistent until you get an answer and your speed hump is installed.

Getting a speed bump in your neighborhood may not really be as difficult as you have always thought. It could be just as easy as following the guidelines in this article. However, when getting humps for your area, you may need to get them from trusted manufacturers so you won’t regret your action too soon. A few I can recommend is that you get Traffic Logix speed humps. They seem to be more durable and well installed to add beauty to the road while preventing casualties.