HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 A low budget WP8 Unveiled

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HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 A low budget WP8 Unveiled

When Nokia unveiled Lumia 820, everyone considered it as the best available budget-friendly phone. After a week later, the equation has changed slightly in the favor of HTC. Yes, HTC unveiled two different Windows Phone 8 handsets today at their separate event. Earlier, Nokia and Samsung unveiled their plan for the rest of the year 2012. They both announced WP8 handset with impressive features. Nokia, however, gone one step ahead and announced multiple devices         the lumia 920 and lumia 820. HTC unveiled HTC 8X as their high-end handset. However, the real surprise came when they announced HTC 8S with lowest ever possible specs for Windows Phone 8 handet. HTC has also added few surprising elements in the design of the design, which is discussed at the end of the article.

First, let's take a look at the specs of all new HTC 8S. The device is rather a mid-range WP8 handset

HTC 8S Spec sheet

Windows Phone 8 OS

1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

Adreno 220 GPU

4- inch SLCD display

800 x 480 pixels WVGA resolution with capacitive touchscreen


4GB internal memory

Expandable up to 32GB using microSD slot

5MP camera

No secondary camera

Beat Audio Sound Enhancement


Wi-Fi b/g/n

Atlantic Blue, Domino, High-rise Grey colors

1700 mAh battery

The HTC 8S comes with several awesome colors. Aesthetically, the device is an award winning and could turn the way we look at the smartphone. The colors have been inspired or borrowed (depending on your perspective) from the Nokia Lumia series handset. But HTC has added an elegance to the colors by smartly applying it to their device design. HTC 8S has a polycarbonate body which gives it a solid premium look, while keeping the weight to a minimum. This is the reason why many tech pundits consider it as a toy-like device. But don't let the design aesthetics fool you. The body gives it a enough muscle power to survive against adverse situation.

Unfortunately, unlike other WP8 handsets, it fails to impress users. The 5MP camera is below average and gives rather a low-quality experience. In order to compete against Nokia, HTC has introduced Beat Audio Sound Enhancement to the device. Music lovers will love such addition.

There is no word on the pricing or arrival date. But considering the specification, we can expect it to be available at the lowest cost amongst all the WP8 devices announced so far (check the list of WP8 devices). The Lumia 820 is somewhat better compared to HTC 8S, in the sense that it offers better camera quality, processor, battery time etc. Nokia seems to be not happy with the things are going right now. HTC blindly copied the design of the Lumia series handset which is posing a serious threat to it. The burning question remains whether Nokia will file any lawsuit against HTC or not. Have a look at some of the most impressive colors of the HTC 8S. Does it resemble to Lumia series handsets? Will you buy low-end Windows Phone 8 handset? Let us know your views in the comment section below.


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