Improve your Cash Management in 5 Steps

Billing may seem time-consuming, yet it must be managed efficiently, accurately and consistently to maintain good cash flow. This is not always easy when the processes are manual. Conversely, businesses can save time and improve cash flow management with a document submission solution that allows you to process and send invoices quickly and securely.

How you Manage Billing Influences your Cash Flow

Many small businesses charge monthly, create documents manually and send them by mail. This method works, but probably does not optimize your cash management for several reasons:

Invoices could be sent earlier. Why wait until the end of the month? The sooner the bills leave, the faster payments are received.

Manual invoice creation is time-consuming and error-prone. Billing is essential. However, all the means to accelerate the process will free time to generate income. Also, billing errors can be expensive: you not only spend valuable time correcting these errors, but you also risk affecting your customer relationship.

The post is not suitable for everyone. Customers want a choice on how they will receive the information you send them. Some prefer for example an electronic invoice to be able to integrate it into their billing system and settle it online. You can receive your payments faster, and everyone wins.

5 Easy Steps to Charge your Customers from your Computer in Minutes

Instead of preparing and printing your invoices to send them by mail or to send e-mails individually, you can opt to upload your files to an online portal or companies handling such task and focus on your other activities. To do this, create your documents as usual, then:

  • Load them on the portal for sending documents online.
  • Select the method of sending, e., by post or email.
  • Concentrate on other tasks while the production center prepares the invoices, prints the ones to be sent by post, puts them in envelopes and stamps them.
  • Make better use of the time you spend processing, sending, and creating emails.
  • Track your shipments with an easy-to-use online platform.
  • Save time, faster payments and better satisfaction of customer preferences, such as monitor touch screen for easy and fast sending.

No matter how many invoices are created, whether you send them all at the same time or in a small batch, manage your invoicing with simplicity and efficiency. This means that your business can recover more money and faster because the invoices are sent as soon as they are created, which improves cash flow. On the other hand, customers have the satisfaction of being able to receive their bills as they wish.