Major security concerns while using smartphones

We are living in an era where most of us run our life through our smartphones. Internet enabled smartphones have permeated all aspects of our life from morning the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. People who spend several hundreds on their mobile phones do not consider protecting their communications. You need to be mindful of the security concerns while using your smartphones.

When the hackers steal the data from your phone, they could misuse it in many ways. Even if the data is not misused in any way, the very fact that they have penetrated into your device itself is a breach to your privacy. You cannot allow such breaches. In order to prevent privacy breaches and data thefts you first need to understand how the technology works.

The data you send out from your phone is not safe even after it leaves your device. The information could be intercepted and stolen from the servers. There are many such vulnerable points where the hackers could easily sneak in to collect the information. If you want to prevent such risks then you will have to make the data from your phone scattered online useless by phone encryption.

The emails sent out are protected only partially by the existing systems such as PGP. You will be losing the header data to the hackers even if the message body is protected. Try to encrypt phone with SkyECC security system which will ensure even your message or email headers are encrypted. It is not enough to install some security system in your mobile phone but what is even more important is to identify security systems that give you absolute protection.

The images sent from your phone are not encrypted by most of the security solutions. Ideally, even the images should be protected. How are you going to protect your images? Here again Skyecc will help you protect your images. At times in business communication important documents are scanned and sent as JPG image files. When you are transferring crucial information, you could easily be succumbing to security risks. You will need to make sure that the security risks are fully taken care even when you are sending out images. When you know that there is a security solution that you could consider and use it will be imprudent to settle for solutions that offer limited security.

The chat messages too are not spared from security risks. The chat messages remain in the recipient’s device and also in the server for considerable amount of time. It is possible for the hackers to track this information. So if you have a security solution that will enable you to send self-destructive messages, then this concern will be addressed effectively.

Without having all the above major security concerns addressed effectively it would be a bad idea to make use of your smartphone because you do not know who is eavesdropping into your device and what they are after.