Refrigeration Technology from the 21st Century

In the past, many people were only consuming food produce that had been locally sourced and produced. Modern food processing and worldwide distribution of food has made food available all-year-round, and shop shelves look much the same in December as they do in July. The food market has become a global market and refrigerated transportation plays a key role in this on-going development. It is essential that food is refrigerated during transport, because otherwise it will easily spoil and be unsellable. An experienced and professional refrigeration engineer in North Wales is the best person to acquire more information about refrigeration technology used in the 21st century. However, we invite you to read on to learn more here.

The global refrigerated transport market is growing and increasing at an exceptional rate. In countries such as North America and Europe, refrigerated trucks, vans, and trailers are also experiencing a considerable growth in demand as they provide incredible flexibility in the delivery of food produce and other goods. They cater for the transportation of food to multiple locations at frequent and flexible times. Chilled, frozen, and deep-frozen are the different temperature ranges through which products are stored and transported.

In European countries, the most commonly used mode is the refrigerated trailer. Refrigerated trailer hire North Wales will have a quality cooling unit attached to it which can cool the trailer to whatever temperature is needed for the specific transported goods or produce. A generator that is installed under the trailer and runs on diesel powers the cooling unit of the truck. The cooling unit could however also be powered directly with electricity from the grid.

In the past years various there has been significant research into the potential benefits that occur when using electricity to cool the trailer instead of the diesel generator. Those studies where mostly focused on examining the effects on energy consumption, emissions and noise. The research carried out was very technical and made a lot of assumptions about the refrigerated market that weren’t backed by further research. The transportation companies were not involved in the investigations, leaving an incomplete picture of the actual benefits that arise in real life.

The goal of this thesis is to update and enhance existing research with the information that can be obtained from the transporters, shippers and producers of this massive industry. The amount of time that a refrigerated trailer stands still near the highway has not yet been investigated. Further, the effect that a cost reduction, when switching to electricity instead of diesel, has on the total cost of transportation has never been evaluated at all.

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