Top 5 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

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Top 5 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks
Windows 8 has created a new revolution since its launch. It is very interesting to use as it is loaded with exciting new features like switching between apps, new store for apps, including Xbox music app, revised start screen. It is more secure with Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Windows Update. Where we have been talking about the new features of Windows 8, these features at the same time can also create hustle and can be difficult to adapt .Thus we have uncovered TOP 5 WINDOWS 8 TIPS AND TRICKS in the article below, so that you can make the best out of it.

1. LOCK SCREEN: The new Windows 8 is equipped with a lock screen which looks really pretty. In the touch screen pads one can simply swipe upwards to reveal the regular login screen, one can apply the Picture locks as well. But for the keyboard and mouse users, one has to tap the space bar and then spin the mouse wheel to proceed further in the login process.

2. BASIC NAVIGATION: The whole new Windows 8 is launched with a funky and colourful background and fluidic touch apps. For the tablet users it is very simple, just swipe left or right to roll the screen and then select the required title. On the other hand the mouse users need to spin the mouse wheel backwards or forwards. You can also access it with the help of keyboard, by pressing the Home or End key to jump from one end of the start screen to the other and then using the cursor key to select a particular title by tapping the enter key.

3. APP GROUPS: This article TOP 5 WINDOWS 8 TIPS AND TRICKS also shows a way to organise various apps on the screen because, The app groups on the screen are randomly scattered, if you wish to organise them into groups, for this drag the desired mails, people, apps to the left side of the screen to form a separate group Click the 'minus' icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to zoom out and you'll now find you can drag and drop the new group around as a block, in order to name a group you can right click within the block.

4. CLOSING AN APP: Windows8 as such do not have close buttons, so the question arises then how can we close the apps? Well, just follow this simple procedure, move the cursor to the top of the screen and keep it still until it turns to the icon of a hand. Hold the left mouse button dragging it down the screen until it contracts to a thumbnail and thus drag it off the screen to close the app.

5. STORAGE SPACES: With the earlier Windows, managing multiple hard drives packed with data was a real trouble. But this is where Windows 8 shows an edge over the other Windows with its Storage Space feature. In this you can add all your hard drives to a storage pool where And you can then create one or more spaces within this pool, reading them as a single drive, so you've only one drive letter to worry about.

With the above TOP 5 WINDOWS 8 TIPS AND TRICKS, we hope you will now find using Windows 8 easy and comfortable.

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