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If a person needs to keep their data safely and reach it quickly, Cloud Services are their call. Google Drive, DropBox, Box and Skydrive are famous services that provide one with both paid and free storage options to synchronize, upload, and recover information or data. If one uses Online Cloud Storage services, he/she does not need to take mass storage portable devices to access information, while on the go. For example, if a person is going to another city for a presentation, he/she can upload the work in an online storage account for simple accessibility rather than saving the presentation in a thumb drive.


Windows 8 store is expanding in huge amounts. Due to this reason, it will not take much time to have an official Windows 8 app for the popular cloud services. Cloud services usually have web portals that allow a person to download, upload and manage folders and files. Box would become an official Windows 8 application for renowned cloud storage service, very soon.


Box is a leading content management and file sharing online service for enterprise companies. This company provides a free storage of up to 10GB for personal accounts and has adopted a business model as well. It is a California based company and has mobile versions of the service as well. Mobile devices like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, WebOS and Windows Phone support Box. The service focuses on collaborating, sharing, working files that are put in Box.


It offers three types of accounts, namely Business, Personal and Enterprise. Depending on the kind of account, Box provides many features like custom branding, unlimited storage, and administrative controls. It also lets a person integrate a third party app such as Gmail, Salesforce, Google apps and Netsuite, one can also benefit from Box through its social features like, update feeds, discussions and make groups. This application also lets a person delete information or files, upload files, move/ copy files and add comments to it, pin's folders as tiles on the Start Screen, play slideshows, refresh app to show the recently uploaded files, put passwords to protect files and sort the information into folders.


Box application does lack some features like adding the option to upload the files from context menu through right click, which makes uploading and synchronizing files a little frustrating. It also takes time to connect to one's account. Nevertheless, Box is a very useful application for Windows 8.

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