Windows Surface Tablets the Best Deals Around

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Windows Surface Tablets the Best Deals Around

Without a doubt, Microsoft has made a long list of fans for its recently launched Surface tablets. The best part about the latest devices is that the company has paid attention to detailing. The Surface tablets are available in two variants- the Surface and the Surface Pro. While the Surface is aimed at the general users, the Surface Pro is specifically for the business or professionals users.

The two versions

The Windows RT of Surface is featured with USB 2.0 while the Window 8 has the USB 3.0. Surface tablets are there with Wi Fi as well. The best of feature is the in-built kickstand as well as the Touch Cover that helps to double the size of the keyboard.

Kickstand is amazing

The integrated kickstand in the tablet is true brilliance and feels sturdily created when you lift it up and hold the tablet by the kickstand. This is possible all due to the stable kickstand that the tablet features.

Surface Pro

A crucial thing about the Microsoft Surface Pro is that it is not basically windows compliant or compatible, it is Windows itself. Also, the tablet is there with similar specifications like other notebooks in the market and thus provides touch feature and full keyboard. Even the 10.6 inches display screen is not smaller than the other notebook displays.

Features that the two tablets flaunt

Further, the gorilla glass finish helps to safeguard the display from getting dropped and scratched. The Microsoft Surface flaunts the well created design and amazing engineering. It is indeed the type of product that will surely gain accolades from the professional users for sure.

The Surface Pro runs the Windows 8 Professional and includes the amazing desktop mode. This simply means that the tablet is compatible with the Windows 8 apps. Thus, from Excel to Outlook and others, whatever apps you run on the Windows desktop, you can enjoy them on this tablet as well. The result of all this is the fact that the variety of apps that do not actually run on Android or iPad will be available on Surface.

Surface running Windows RT

The Windows RT Surface version has the 10.6 inches screen and measures 9.3mm. On the other hand, the Windows 8 Pro Surface has same screen but weighs less than two pounds and thus measures 13.5mm. As far as the storage capacity is talked of, RT tablet is configurable at 32 and 64 GB and the Windows 8 Pro at 64 and 128 GB.

For professionals

Microsoft has actually made it clear that the Surface tabs are made for the corporate and professional customers mainly. Both Windows 8 and RT versions of Surface also flaunt the rear and front webcams, kickstand and dual microphones so that the users can easily watch videos, listen to their favorite music and play games.

A great thing about Surface tablets is the fact that they are made by the brand Microsoft, the company which is trusted by a large amount of users. So, if you want latest and fully loaded tablet, then go for Surface or Surface Pro.

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